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This is a web site specializing in help for translators whose source language is Catalan and whose target language is English.

One of the best resources I know on the Web is the English Translation of the sections of the Enciclopedia Catalana dealing with illustrious sons and daughters of Catalonia and with the Country itself.

If you would like to read a brief history of Catalan and Catalonia, click here.

Any Catalan translator should know the address of the Autonomous Catalan Government:  "The Generalitat de Catalunya - Their site contains information on the language, the country and the people of Catalonia.   .....as well as a lot of bureaucratic nonsense.

General Tourist information about Catalonia can be found here .

Another useful CD Rom dictionary is the Hiperdiccionari (Català, Castellà, Anglès)
The following link takes you to a page on which you can buy it.

There are a number of Newspapers published in Catalan with representation on the Web - among the best are "El Periodico" and the long established "Avui"   - along with a paper specializing in the afffairs of the Manresa and Igualada areas "Regio 7"  and not forgetting the excellent, independent, On-line Newspaper "Vilaweb"

Clicking here will take you to a list of further links to other organizations of interest, such as Universities in Catalonia etc.

The following link takes you to my personal list of On-Line Dictionaries and other resources.
I hope to keep expanding this as I discover more resources on the net.

If you are a translator working with the above language pair, (or any other language pair) one of the best pieces of advice I can offer is that you should join ProZ.com - an association of freelance translator's which offers jobs, advice and other services. Their "help with a word" page alone is worth its weight in electronic gold.  Click on the following image to go there:

Or if you've got images switched off, simply type in: www.proz.com/

If you have a term you are having difficulty translating click on this link and fill in the ProZ.com form you will be presented with.

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Last Updated 10th March 2002